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Bimetal disc thermostats

Campini Corel single-pole or bipolar bimetallic disk thermostats are suitable for use in small and large household appliances, for heating systems and in all applications where remote temperature control is required. The disk thermostats operate by exploiting the variation of the shape of the bimetal disk as the temperature varies, by opening or closing an electrical contact. Regulators or limiters with automatic or manual reset.

Campini Corel bimetallic thermostats are designed and produced to the highest quality standards for the thermoregulation industry and guaranteed by quality certificates such as CURus and IMQ ENEC.


Ty 60 R

Single-pole bimetallic disc thermostat manual reset

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Ty 62 R

Double-pole bimetallic disc thermostat manual reset with snap-action contact

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Ty 63 S

Single-pole bimetallic disc thermostat with snap-action contact and maintenance resistance

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