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Temperature Control

The Campini Corel thermostats are suitable for use in small and large household appliances, for heating systems and in all applications where temperature control is required. They are of several types: disc, bimetallic, capillary, room, electronic, industrial and mechatronic.

The thermostats series is one of the historical lines of the Campini Corel production for thermoregulation: still today, for over 60 years, they have been designed and produced in the historical site of Mariano Comense with attention to the technological quality and to the typical details of the production made in Italy.


wifi chronothermostat

With the Campini Thermostat it is possible to manage your heating and cooling system from your smartphone and tablet. If your house has a multi-zone system, you can install more Campini Thermostats, up to a maximum of 8, and associate them with t...

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Termostati a disco bimetallico

Bimetal disc thermostats

Campini Corel single-pole or bipolar bimetallic disk thermostats are suitable for use in small and large household appliances, for heating systems and in all applications where remote temperature control is required. The disk thermostats operate b...

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Termostati mecatronici

Mechatronic thermostats

Campini Corel mechatronic thermostats are used as a power module for single ovens with a temperature control knob. Designed and built to achieve energy savings on the consumption of the oven compared to a traditional mechanical thermoregulator.

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Termostati ambiente.jpg

Room thermostats

Campini Corel unipolar electromechanical room thermostats are suitable for use in civil and industrial heating and air conditioning systems. Of different shape and model with or without light bulb and ON / OFF switch. Foil and electronic models al...

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Termostati industriali

Industrial thermostats

The industrial thermostats boxed regulators or limiters with immersion bulb or with outgoing capillary, are suitable for use in industrial heating systems and in all sectors where mounting with remote probe or sheath is required. It is also possib...

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Termostati a lamina bimetallica

Bimetallic blade thermostats

The Campini Corel single-pole bimetallic thermostats and thermoregulators with snap-action contact are mainly used in irons, grills, plates, oil-filled radiators, convectors, etc.

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Termostati Elettronici.jpg

Electronic thermostats

The Campini Corel electronic thermoregulators and thermometers for panel or DIN module are used in the refrigeration, heating and solar thermal sectors. Of different shape and model with various types of power supply 230Vac, 24 Vac / dc, 12 Vac / dc.

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