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Ty 90 M

Room thermostat with gas-sensitive element. This series of thermostats is particularly indicated for a simple and economical installation. The TY 90 - M can in fact be connected with only two wires if the warning light is not required; with a pilot lamp, the third wire must be connected

Adjustment range

5° C - 35° C

Rated voltage current

12 (1,5) A / 250 V NC ---- 6 (1,5) A / 250 V NO

Power supply

220 V - 240 V

Max working temperature

50° C

Built in accordance with the standard

EN 60730-2-9

Ty 90 M1

With NC contact (SPST).

Ty 90 M2

With NC contact 10(1,5)A/250V (SPST) and ON-OFF switch.

Ty 90 M3

With NO contact (SPDT).

Ty 90 M4

With NO contact 6(1)A/250V (SPDT) and ON-OFF switch.

Ty 90 M7

ON-OFF contact (SPST) and Winter/ Summer change-over switch.