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Ty 90 C

Bimetallic room thermostat with accelerating resistance connected in series to the thermistor. The action of both the accelerating resistence and the thermistor produces a more accurate adjustment according to the set-point so as to obtain a better room comfort

Adjustment range

5° C - 35° C

Rated voltage current

10 (2) A / 250 V NC --3 (1) A / 250 V NO

Power supply

220 V - 240 V

Max working temperature

50° C

Built in accordance with the standard

EN 60730-2-9

Ty 90 C1

With NC contact (SPST).

Ty 90 C2

With NC contact (SPST) and ON-OFF switch.

Ty 90 C3

With NO contact (SPDT).

Ty 90 C4

With NO contact (SPDT) and ON-OFF switch.

Ty 90 C5

With night reduction through an external contact (clock)or through ON-OFF switch inside the appliance. It is the only room thermostat on the market, electromechanical construction, with night reduction, it which offers the advantages of an electronic thermostat.

Ty 90 C7

ON-OFF contact (SPST) and Winter/Summer