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Ty 53 E

Single-pole bimetallic thermoregulators

Adjustment range

6°C-35°C Perno Giallo - 6°C-45°C Perno Bianco - 6°C-55°C Perno Marrone - 6°C-70°C Perno Grigio

Maximum ambient temperature


Rated voltage current

16(2,5) A / 250 V NC - 3(1) A / 250 V NO

Built in accordance with the standard

EN 60730-2-9

Tollerance at min. operating temperature

+/- 4K

Differential (to the thermostat) changeable according to the application

2K - 6K

ENEC (EN 60730) approved - cycle number


Ty 53 E R

Thermoregulator with accelerating resistance. Differential 1 - 3K (Max 45°C).

Ty 53 E

The differential and the intervention temperature can vary according to the applications. For use wherever the temperature of the air is to be controlled.

Ty 53 E RT

Thermoregulator with accelerating resistance and thermistor. Differential 1 - 2K (Max. 45°).

Small home appliances